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Year : 2021
Muang Ek, Pathum Thani, Thailand
Owner : Khun Numtong & Khun Odin
“There’s nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.”, Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

When we first started, the design of the building had already been finalised. The brief was short, but clear: European feel with a hint of classics and Scandinavian touch. With such a brief, we proceeded with 2 alternatives. The owners, Ms. Numtong and Mr. Odin, chose grey and white blended with wainscotings. They wished for a modern look, not too much emphasis on the classics. We then together concluded that there would be some teal accents, ending up with the arches in the movie room and the master bedroom.

Setting foot into the house, one cannot overlook but witness the key element of this project. The array of massive arches with the lowerspace of around 3 metres designate the main walkway, replacing the hollow space. One side of the arches appoints the dining and pantry area, the first function upon entering the house. The otherside conveniently commands the main living space. The continuity of this arch element is

downsized to partition other functions requiring more privacy, situated at the far end of the 2nd floor’s main corridor. On one side resides Mr. Odin’s office while on the other side lie the entertainment room and Numthum’s, the son’s, bedroom.

To accentuate the character of the house, we decided to meld the arch element into every door. The details of arches are as well found in several corners, namely the banisters, and the entertainment room’s and the tabernacle’s windows. The western classical component has been perceived by the wooden floor pattern. We explored numerous castles and churches and crafted the parquet pattern sized 80 x 80 centimetres. The fun-filled moment was when we cleared the design and aligned the pattern central to the arches. To further perfect the floor pattern, we did our best with the border to ensure the seamlessness. Mrs. Numtong has several times expressed her contentment over the floor pattern.

The “huippu signature” has been articulated with brass sheet covers at the borders and the doorsills. More importantly, the marble floor with alternate patterns and colours at the entrance hallway features green, white, grey and brown. They were cut and reassembled to give rise to a new pattern, revealing the colour theme present throughout the interior of the house.

It is rather obvious that the arches, the floor and the wainscotings are packed with details. We then adopted light themed colours for the walls, so as to balance the whole experience. The colourscheme consists mainly of white and cool grey, with some twists of texture addition creating an effect of colour play of the same tone. For instance, white bricks are placed next to water-coloured wall which, when touched, gives the effect of uneven colours. Following the same concept are the white and light grey wainscotings, the doors painted with the same white as the wall, and the white handles and all other accessories.

Mr. Odin has briefed us specifically on the office, wishing it to be more resolute than the rest of the house, with some added elegance. The consensus was reached with the concept of “Paris café vibes,” where the floor is dotted with round, black and white mosaics and the edges are trimmed with large planks embracing the room. The working desk was

customised to accommodate two computerscreens placed side by side using walnut wood and framed with charcoal-grey iron. Behind the desk situates a camera and document cabinet, of which the front is levelled with the wall. The wall is lined with white bricks encircling the room. There is another living room set comprising a wooden bench serving as both a shelf and a sitting area, a sizeable armchair, and an extensive built-in seat located in the windowsill flying outside at a length of a metre. This has been the most favourite spot for the whole family since it overlooks the vastness of the garden, giving the sense of serenity.

Walking up to the 3rd floor, one will be met with the master bedroom. When we finished its plan, we were extremely satisfied. A small hall welcomes the residents with a little table displaying picture frames and flower arrangements. To its left enters the walk - in closet, while its right side lends the space to the living area and television corner. A mini bar

is included making possible sipping some grown-up drinks at night and enjoying a cup of joe in the morning without having to set foot out of the bedroom. Initially, Mrs. Numtong and Mr.

Odin prefer calmness and relaxation inside their bedroom, with no television at all. We then decided to separate this portion from the actual sleeping area. Once they walk past the living area, they will be met with a green wall providing the slumbering portion with additional privacy at the very end of the room. Making a U-turn will they arrive at the bathroom and the adjacent dressing quarter, hidden behind the living zone. This open space continues to the walk-in closet, with doors installed only at the wet sections. Extending along the master bedroom and the daughter’s, the corridor on the 3rd floor observes the reception hall on the 2nd storey. The cavernous hall constitutes this segment, fitted with a vast window facing the garden from the old house. Nine sets of Nelson Bubble lamps, different in size and model, are employed to generate the split-level impression and the connectedness between the 2nd and the 3rd floors.

Apart from its aesthetic value, this project has been designed with the atmosphere and the journey always in mind. We genuinely believe that home is where warmth and relaxation reside.


As William Shakespeare once put, “People are usually the happiest at


text / Sumaetin Saengtriratnukul

images / Peerapat Wimolrungkarat

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