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Yung 7



Year : 2023
Pathum Thani, Thailand
Owner : Khun Jib & Khun Sam
“Find things beautiful as much as you can, most people find too little beautiful.”, Vincent Van Gogh

YUNG 7 LIFESTYLE & EATERY situated in Pathumthani by Chaophya river.

We have developed the idea together from beginning to the project has completed. The space between exterior and interior are connected seamlessly. We play with same language of design elements to keep the vibes and atmosphere runs through harmoniously. 


YUNG 7 locates by the river, this plays an important part in our design,

natural lights and the way the lights plays with water become a part of the space. And there’s a rich background story of this place where it belongs to the family for hundred years approximately - and that’s a fundamental idea we keep it as fundamental statement in every step of our design.

This place belongs to ‘mon - มอญ’ family and reason to build YUNG7 is to keep the story and legacy lives on.


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The name is derived from the only rice barn left standing on the land.

Owners, k jib and k sam, are our good friends - and we started brainstorming about the project from the very begining. And i got to work on art direction, interior and also branding. So we design basically for holistic experience.

After we settle about concept and big picture, Alkhemist architects join in. And then we designed and developed ideas together.

There are various geometric elements placing around architecture and interior space.

Overall vibes are quite mixed in styles and emotions, it’s quite contemporary with some hints of thai local and craft which we interpreted from มอญ which is the background of k jib’s family. 


You will see customized pieces of sculpture and lighting decorations made of hand weave basketry that made from local artisans from all over the country. And interior details at the bar made of assorted marbles cut and placed at the site. Also in toilet that everyone just love the details.


I think as a whole of interior space, we are quite happy to make something quite local and somehow can be a bit cliche’ but we mixed or even clashed them with contemporary style but surprisingly they turned to be a part of each other.

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